We are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clubs and their members.

InterWest prides itself on the quality customer service we provide to our FitnessPak clients. Our in-house claims and service teams are specialists in club insurance. Their primary objective is to resolve claims expeditiously to minimize the inconvenience, distraction and down time associated with a property loss. When shepherding an injury-related claim, we work to ensure injured members involved in a legitimate accident are treated timely and fairly, but we aggressively dispute frivolous and exaggerated claims.


Value-Added Services

Effective Risk Control, Risk Management and Workplace Safety are essential to controlling insurance costs. Assisting our clients with creating and maintaining comprehensive club safety programs is among FitnessPak / InterWest’s offerings of specialized client services. Visit our Risk Management Platform for your safety and compliance needs.

Human Resources & Organizational Development Consulting are also services offered to our clients.

We want to help you take care of your employees so you can get back to taking care of your business.